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7 Helpful Tips for Explainer Video Animator

Explainer videos are short recordings that show how to use a specific item or service. Furthermore, they can give a significant lift to your brand image. While making an explainer video, you have to ensure that it’s going to offer advantage and request to your target clients.

Helpful Tips for Explainer Video Animator
Here are some of the handy tips for making an explainer video.

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Accurate Story Will Help You Better

Explainer video & animation is usually a short recording that tells the story of any product or services. Even though you can find different explainer videos made from digital illustrations (digital drawings), hand illustrations, or the live actions; the more significant part of the explainer videos have a tendency to be animated. The main intention of an explainer video is to demonstrate people to tell them the benefits and techniques to use any specific product or service. So there is no need for any extensive clarifications or justifications to convince the audience to use your service or the product. Just include the most fundamental features to ensure you clarify your piece of video.

Don’t Take Too Long to Come to the Objective

Keeping the footage precise only, will not going to solve your problem; you also need to ensure that you come to the main point of the story as fast as possible inside your video. Educate viewers immediately regarding the issue your product will tackle with their objective. Also, make them realize what kind of information you will give them. You have a specific measure of seconds before people start losing their interest in the video.

Tell the Audience the Reason Why Your Product Standout

After you explain the issue, you would then be able to take a moment to clarify why different solutions out there aren’t working. This technique can help you set your offering apart from the opposition. The audience tends to ask why shouldn’t they get the other service or product, and why the should come to your doorstep and avail offers from you. The main reason of marketing anything is to show the customers that you can provide a better solution as compared to the other solutions available at the market. Make sure that you include the enough and brief details about the company’s extraordinary quality, which is capable of delivering the accurate idea to the audience.

Show the Audience Their Benefit

People are only interested in the stuff that is beneficial for them and from which they can earn a profit. When people don’t find anything about their benefit, they think that it is not worthy of their time and attention. For the very reason of getting people’s interest in the product or service of your client, it is essential that you include the part in your script that tells the audience why it is beneficial to get this solution.

Writing Script Is the Main Art

When you are done outlining the main points of the video, it is time to write the story that will be followed to convey the message to the audience.

Read Out Loud & Make Edits

After you are done writing the script, proofread it, and read it out loud so that you can hear the story. It will help you judge whether you have written the appropriate material or not. Make suitable alterations in the script if you think that the story is going out of context.

Provide Originality & Exclusivity to The Story

Every creative work in the world needs some inspiration. It is ethical to look into other’s job to get motivation and inspiration, but it is necessary that you should provide originality to your so that it will not lose the credibility. It is the job of video animators and the scriptwriters to write a unique story and create the exclusive video for their clients.

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