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4 Best Ideas for Product Listing Ads to Enhance eCommerce Sales

If you have an e-commerce website, you must know about product listing ads that are gaining popularity for their success rates these days. E-commerce websites are enjoying the benefit of an increased click-through rate because of the product listing ads by Google Shopping. Product listing ads work on Cost Per Click policy, which means you only pay for the number of times users click on the ad.

Best Ideas for Product Listing Ads

Usually, product listing ads are great for any brand. But, if you are a new brand, you may have difficulties getting conversions. Since the ad consists of the product details, ratings and price, these products receive more click-through rates than other ads. As you are bidding a lot of money on your ads, you need to make sure that you are making the best of your investment. Apart from launching product listing ads, you can do more things along with it to make the marketing campaign successful. If you are running an e-commerce website and want to boost your sales through product listing ads, consider these ideas:

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1. Create an Interesting Feed

Your product listing ad campaign can go in vain if you do not optimize the data feed of the products in the list. The data feed is the one that guides Google to display the ads based on your requirement. Provide enough information about your products and ad requirements to Google to target your customers effectively. Keep checking the Merchant Center to verify if the data feed is accurate.

Creating an interesting feed for product listing can be compared with app store optimization where the app’s information plays a major role in impressing the users to download it. Optimize the name, ratings and verify the price before posting the ad. Update the feed on a regular basis to get a good increase in sales. Group the products and then bid to get better results.

2. Bid More on Best-Selling Products

Bestsellers can fetch you a lot of profit if marketed properly. While listing the product, make sure to display the best-seller product at the first to encourage people to buy them. Probably, more people would be interested in buying the product. Increase the bids if needed. Bestsellers can earn you a profit that is equal to the profit of all the other products combined together. You can also combine all the bestsellers and list them in a group with a label.

3. Avoid Products That Are Not Performing Well

If you are new to product listing ads, it might take some time for you to understand the products that are doing well and the others that are not. Investing money to advertise a product, which is not performing well, is of no use. Identify the products that are not selling well and take them out. Instead, you can replace it with a product that can fetch you more profit. You are only wasting your budget by bidding on a poor performing product.

4. Avoid Bidding on Products Based on the Margin

One of the biggest mistakes eCommerce websites make is by bidding on the products that have a higher margin. Though such products fetch you more profit, the performance of the product can vary according to the demand. So, consider the performance of the product over the margin. Group similar products into one and bid on them to understand which one of them is performing well. The best way to get more sales using product listing ads is by bidding on the products based on their previous performance and not their margin.


These are some of the ideas using which you can enhance your e-commerce sales. There are many strategies using which the products can be sold using product listing ads. You need to figure out the strategy for your website depending on the niche. If you are new to Google Shopping, you will take some time to understand the platform.

Analyze the performance of each group of products you bid on and then decide upon the strategies to increase the sales. You can also hire a digital marketing agency that can handle various aspects of a brand such as a website optimization, managing product listing ads, app store optimization etc. If you still haven’t tried product listing ads for your e-commerce website, give it a try now.

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