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6 Valuable Tips To Personalize WooCommerce Store For Customers

WooCommerce is one of the most widely used and successful e-commerce platforms helping people in creating highly productive and scalable interfaces. A lot of owners convert the current website to WordPress only for the purpose of using the plugin for creating an online store. This flexible platform has numerous facilities for customization and it will be wise to use them for providing a satisfying and enjoyable shopping experience for clients. A few useful tips to personalize the WooCommerce store for customers that will be helpful in increasing the productivity of the venture are being presented here.

WooCommerce Store Tips

1. Provide The Option To Pay In Local Currency

One of the most effective ways to attract shoppers to a store is to provide them the convenience of making the payment for the transactions in the currency of their choice. WooCommerce allows the use of only one base currency at a time but a merchant can very easily offer the visitors the option of multiple currencies by using an appropriate extension. These extensions help in switching currencies and recalculate the rate of a listed item and must be used for improving sales.

2. Give Personalized Product Recommendations

It is essential that a visitor to an online store gets personalized attention and for this, merchants must integrate systems in the WooCommerce store which study the purchase history of a client along with the products he/ she is viewing currently. These systems or extensions then make related and appropriate personalized product recommendations to the visitor for buying similar items or for purchasing a related commodity. It is a very effective tactic that not only makes people spend more time at the store but also helps in improving the sales.

3. Offer Customized Discounts And Promotions

Every outlet has a promotion programme that involves discounts on a range of products for a limited period of time. This strategy can be tweaked a bit and WooCommerce store owners can offer customized discounts and other associated promotions to clients based on their frequency of visits and their purchase history. The platform has inbuilt features like WooCommerce Points And Rewards which is helpful in starting a reward programme and other tools can also be integrated with the store for assessing consumer behavior and making offers accordingly.

4. Send Custom Messages To Registered Users

Any entrepreneur wishing to personalize WooCommerce store for customers must invest in a method that helps in sending custom messages to regular clients with a personal touch which includes their name rather than a plain “Dear Customer”. This can be done by adding a few lines of code and the resulting messages will demonstrate to the registered users how much the enterprise values their association with the business.

5. Facility To Shop By Brands

Another convenience that can be added to a virtual outlet created with WooCommerce is to offer the visitors to search for and shop by brands. A visitor may have reached the store looking for a specific product belonging to a particular brand and instead of trawling through the whole portfolio of the product category, if he/she is provided the choice of searching by brand, his/her task will become much easier. There are plugins available that can be used to work with the store and offer the facility to users.

6. Let Shoppers Select The Delivery Date

Allowing shoppers to select a delivery date of their choice will be helpful in giving them more control over the process and the service can be provided by using extensions which are available for the purpose. Business owners can hire WordPress website developers who can provide valuable guidance on the best tool that can be used for providing the convenience.


It is essential for an online business venture to personalize WooCommerce store for customers as it will be useful in improving customer engagement besides providing satisfying user experience resulting in better sales.

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