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Increase AdSense CPC By Blocking AdNetworks [2018 Method]

Get Upto 2$ of CPC On Every Click.

In 2017, A Method was Shared to Increase AdSense CPC By Block Low Paying Advertisers URLs. But This Method Is No Longer Working.  Here is Another Method to Increase AdSense Revenue By Blocking Low Paying AdNetworks.

Block Low Paying AdNetworks

AdSense AdNetworks Explained:

There are Many AdNetworks Which are Paying AdSense to Promote Their Content. Some are Paying High For Promotion But Mostly Low. We Don’t Know Which AdNetwork Is Paying High? For Finding This We Use a Tool KeywordSpy. Through This Tool, We Will Find Which AdNetwork is Paying High.  There are Many AdNetworks Which Takes a Lot of Time for Finding This. We Have Done the Hard Work For You. We Have Collected All the AdNetworks Which are Paying and High and Save Them In a Text File Amoung With Their CPC. You Can also Manually Search All The High Paying AdNetworks Through KeywordSpy Tool.

List of High Paying AdNetworks:

There are a Lot of High Paying AdNetworks.  So We’ve Saved Them In a Text File. You Can Download That Text File By Click The Button Below. It’s Free.

Download List

You can Also Increase You CPC By Blocking Advertiser’s URLs. Click Here to Get the List of Low Paying Advertisers 

How to Block Low Paying AdNetworks?

  1. First Open You Google AdSense Account.
  2. Click on Allow & Block Ads.
  3. Now Head Over to the Tab Ad Networks.

There First Block All Ad Networks By Clicking At the End “Block all” Now Check The List Search All AdNetworks and Enable them. That’s All You’re All Done. Hurrah! Now You Will Get CPC More Than 2$.

Video Will Be Posted Soon…

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