CCleaner Windows Optimization Tool Free Download For PC

CCleaner Windows Optimization Tool Review:

CCleaner is one of the most popular Windows Optimization Tool with more than 2 billion downloads. It was developed by Piriform and launched in 2003.CCleaner Windows Optimization Tool Free Download For PC Piriform’s Cleaner is a fast and easy to use Windows Optimization Tool, which makes Your Computer Faster, Secure and good in Performance. It Removes All of Your Browser’s Cookies, History, Cache Files and all Temporary Files. This Cleaner also Wipe Your Disk Space and allow you to store more data and improve performance. This Software also fix Some of Your PC Bugs and some broken Settings which makes your computer more secure. It is Very Fast and has Simple GUI to makes it more Easier. Piriform’s Cleaner is Now Available in Many Editions Like. Professional Edition, Business Edition, and Many Others. You can Download Cleaner From the Links Given Below.

Features of CCleaner:

Some of the Features of Piriform’s Cleaners are Listed Below:

  • Makes Your PC More Faster and Stable.
  • Fix Minor Bugs & Some System Errors.
  • Secure Your Browsing.
  • Many Option for Customization.

Features Explanation:

1. Makes Your PC Faster and Stable:

In Some PCs, Internet Slows Down Due to Your PC Slow Speed. CCleaner Removes Your Temporary and Junk Files in Your PC To Make Your PC More Stable and Increase Your PC Performance. Piriform’s Cleaner Removes These Junk Files and Free Up Your Hard Disk Space and Make Your PC Runs Faster. This Cleaner Cleans Your PC When Your PC Starts. This Feature Less Your Time and Put Less Pressure on Your Hard Disk.

2. Fix Minor Bugs & System Errors:

Have You Noticed Lot Of System Lags, Error Messages and Many Crashes? It Changes Your Registry Editor Values and Fixes Them. It’s Registry Analysis Takes Some Seconds and Fix Them in a few Seconds.

3. Secure Your Browsing:

Many Websites Track Your Behaviour Online with Cookies. Your Internet History, Saved Passwords and Cached Data of Website Makes Your Identity Less Secure. CCleaner Removes all your Browser’s History and Saved Passwords and All Cached Data to Secure Your Identity.

4. Customization:

CCleaner Tools allows you to customize all cleaning Option According to Your Needs. Advanced Users Can Uninstall Unwanted Programs, Delete all Cookies Settings and Setup System Monitoring.

How to Download CCleaner Windows Optimization Tool:

You can Download CCleaner from the Links Given Below

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