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10 Common Graphics Designing Mistakes

There are many mistakes that a graphics designer might have done in their career without even realizing the fact it costs their clients in multiple different ways. Some Graphics Designing Mistakes are listed below.
Here are some of the highlighted mistakes commonly done by many graphic designers.

Common Graphics Designing Mistakes

Common Graphics Designing Mistakes

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Copying, Plagiarizing Or Stealing Anyone’s Logo Designs

Many people already know that stealing or copying someone else’s work is an act of plagiarizing whether it is the web content, the quotations, or even the graphics design. Copying someone’s work is not just unethical, but also considered a crime in my countries around the world.

So before you steal anyone’s graphics design, keep this information in your conscience that you are not conducting a shameful act but also committing a crime, and the rightful owner can file a case against you. If you are designing a logo for any company, then it is alright to pick up any of the free online logo design and customize it, but copy-pasting is the most despicable deed that a person can do.

Overly Complex Graphics Designs

Another mistake that you should avoid to overload the design with too many enhancements and beautifications. Keep the design you are creating as simple as you can so that it will not lose its charm and sophistication. An overly complicated design can quickly lose the attention of the audience, whereas a more straightforward design will remain to be eye-catching for the viewers for a very long time.

Inappropriate Selection of Colors

Every graphics designer understands that every color illustrates a different kind of story and represents a different scenario. Since all the colors and their various shades have the different psychology that draws a different picture in the human mind, it is essential to consider the color psychology while creating a graphics design.

The most common mistakes that beginner graphics designer makes while creating a design for the client is that they use all the colors that the client is asking for, which is a very wrong practice. It is evident the client wants the best thing for their business or company, but since they are not very knowledgeable about the color psychology and does not understand what each color says about the design, they are free to choose any color in the design they want.

It is the job of the graphics designer to try to explain to them that why their selection is inappropriate and convince them to agree on the right colors. Selecting the wrong or inappropriate colors for designing the logo, banner or product of any brand will cause the company to damage their reputation, and will also cause the audience to apprehend the incorrect idea about the brand. The most important aspect of the entire graphics designing process is the selection of the most appropriate colors.

Counting Too Much on Trends

Following too many trends in the graphics design is also not very healthy. It is evident that just like fashion trends, the graphics trends also tend to change after a certain period. It will be useless to add too many trending features in the graphics design, as it will fade out after there will be a new drift in the graphics designing world.

Lack of Understanding

One of the very usual mistakes that graphic designers do is that they do not understand the theme or the nature of the company. Another mistake is that they do not even bother to ask the customers or the clients to explain the quality of the business again so that they will create the designs according to the right understanding of the brand. Understanding what the clients want and what their company does plays a significant role while the graphics designer is designing something for them.

Fail To Meet the Deadlines & Expectations

It happens to most of the graphics designers that their clients assign the timeline very unrealistic to follow. Now one might be thinking that how come it was a mistake of the graphics designer when the clients appointed the deadline, well, it is indeed not their mistake.

The mistake of the graphics designer is that they agreed upon the terms of the clients and did not negotiate a bit. The graphics designer must let their clients realize that what they are demanding is not even remotely possible, and the results cannot be delivered in the time provided. Even though they manage to deliver the results, there will be a high chance that the outcomes will lack the quality needed by the clients.

Lack of Clarity

Another mistake of the graphics designer that they complicate the design so much with the ornamentations and enhancements that it started to lack clarity for the audience. It will become difficult for the viewer to perceive any right meaning from any such graphics design.

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling should be checked twice by the graphics designer before they finalize the design and publish it everywhere. Many graphics designer fail to do that which costs the clients later.

Using Too Many Fonts

Many graphic designers do not select the right typography for their graphic design or the worst they stuff the graphics design with too many fonts, which ultimately leaves the very negative impact on the audience.

Lack of Creativity

Creativity is the key element required for the graphics designing. Many people get into this field, but they lack a lot of creativity, but the huge mistake they do is don’t try to get inspirations. If you lack creativity, you must grab inspirations from everywhere to get in the game.

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