VLC Media Player v2.2.8 2017 Free Download For PC

VLC Media Player Review:

VLC Media Player is a free and opensource freeware Written by VideoLan. It is the Best Video and Audio Player Now a Days. It is available for all platform Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is also available on smartphones OS Like Android and iOS and Windows. Also Available for Android Platform.

VLC Media Player v2.2.8 2017 Free Download For PC

Unlike Other Media Players This Media Player Supports All Audio and Video File Formats. It has the Online Streaming Feature and also Radio Playing Feature. Available in Multi-languages. It is capable of Streaming Videos Over the Internet.

VLC Media Player v2.24 Free Download For PC

VLC has a flexible design which makes it easier to use for users. It includes Many Plugins of New Audio Video Formats, Codec and Streaming Methods and is able to read all audio and video data from DVDs. We can also take screenshot from a Video and also record a part of video.

Features of VLC:

  • Simple GUI (Available in different Themes).
  • Online Radio Feature.
  • Live Streaming Over the Internet.
  • Supports all Audio, Video Formats.
  • Can Record Video and Take Screenshots.

Download Guide:

Here are some 3rd Party Download Links to Download Media Player.

Download (29.4MB)

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